SMPP application development

SMPPCUBE | Built with Passion

Since 2012, we have helped over 120 companies to establish their SMS business. We have constantly improved Smppcube with the help of feedback from our customers and the SMS market itself to boost the design, user experience, performance and security of our SMPP application.

Based on most common use-cases from our clientele, we have developed four editions of Smppcube. Scroll down for details:

Mini edition v3
application with reseller support

Mini Plus v2
supports 2-WAY messaging

Enterprise edition v6
supports SMPP outbound API

Enterprise Plus v1
supports operator level pricing


Mini SMPP client Linux Software

Smppcube Mini v3

Mini Edition is a high-performance SMPP application which runs on Kannel. It is highly beneficial for companies looking for their own SMS software to control SMS consumption, manage SMS traffic and maintain a client base on their servers.
Mini Edition offers features like Smart SMS with click-tracking, Unicode & flash messaging, dynamic contact management, online payment options and support ticket system for Administrators.



SMPP client with two way messaging

Mini Plus v2

Smppcube Mini Plus includes all the powerful features of the Mini edition. Additionally, it supports 2 Way messaging.

Mini Plus supports shortcode, longcode and missed-call subscriber numbers with complete keyword management.



SMPP Client and Server Software

Enterprise edition v6

Our most popular SMPP application so far comes with all the features of Mini & Mini Plus with the addition of SMPP outbound API. With Enterprise edition you can allow your customers to connect using SMPP protocol.

SMPP API will help you establish yourself as a high-volume SMS provider with a reliable platform to handle massive SMS traffic.



SMPP client server software on Kannel and Opensmppbox

Enterprise Plus v1

The most complete SMPP application which includes all the features of Enterprise edition along with MCC-MNC based dynamic routing and currency based SMS billing.

You can have credit based billing and routing where 1 Credit = 1 SMS and also currency based billing where customer is dynamically billed based on destination mobile.


Smppcube | App with business benefits

Business Growth

Smppcube boosts client acquisition and conversion rates for SMS businesses by providing a very good first impression of the company. We have worked hard on design and UI to achieve this.

Minimize Expenses

Cut the middle-man and deal directly with Telecom providers or high-level SMS aggregators. Smppcube runs on hosted cloud servers hence no hardware or setup costs are involved. You can also control SMS delivery to improve profit margins.

Data Security

Smppcube minimizes the risk of data theft. Using other platforms gives the responsibility and risk of your data safety to other companies. Smppcube keeps all of that on your own secure server.

Beautifully Coded

Smppcube is coded using standard web practices. With easy to read code its a breeze to modify the app according to your specific business needs.

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