Enterprise Grade SMPP/SS7 Messaging Platform

Smppcube is used for delivery-critical campaigns by
64+ SMS aggregators and businesses in
12+ countries globally to send
55 million SMS every day.

Successful connections and termination on all major telecom operators

Standard Edition

Powerful Campaigning & Reporting | Excellent CRM | 2-Way SMS

Easy Campaigns & Trackings

A compact interface to send SMS. User-friendly design and intuitive DLR reports provide a wonderful experience. App provides click tracking via URL shortening feature which further improves marketing payoff.

Excellent Reseller Panel

Resellers get an SEO friendly 5-page website with theme and color customization options. The best white-label website for branding. Resellers can also accept payments, manage billing and capture leads.

2-Way, OTP, Verifed SMS etc.

Packed with latest features like Verifed SMS by Google, Inbox, VMN support, OTP API and quarterly updated to stay the best in the market.


Enterprise Edition

Wholesale Billing | SMPP Outbound | MCCMNC Routing

Built on Standard Edition

All the powerful features of standard edition are already included in Enterprise, like trackable campaigns, media links, CRM, 2-Way messaging and so on.

SMPP Server with SS7

Supports outbound SMPP with high TPS. Includes support for SS7 interfacing for higher traffic and extensibility.

Intelligent Routing

LCR (Least Cost), Round Robin, Load ratio, Fixed SMSC, Destination based (MCC/MNC) routing with high throuput. Supports MNP & HLR Lookups as well.

Kannel based SMPP/SS7 Messaging platform with complete routing, billing and CRM. Developed with expert experienced team and feedback & support from our lovely customers.

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