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SMPP Client with CRM

Smppcube Standard Edition has all the features needed to start your Bulk SMS business with small initial investment. It is highly beneficial for bulk SMS vendors looking for a hosted SMS platform to manage clients and have the freedom and flexibility to manage SMPP connections.

This is a self-hosted platform which means all your data stays with you securely. We assist in setting up the app and getting you started. Please go through the features, architecture and other details below for a better understanding.

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System Architecture

An overview of primary components of Smppcube Standard Edition v4

Features List

A comprehensive list of all the features offered by Standard Edition

  • Messaging Features
    • Compose and send personalized, long text, unicode, flash, Wap-push, vCard SMS.
    • Option to schedule campaign to be delivered later.
    • Filter out duplicates, invalid contacts, opt-out and NDNC (Do Not Disturb) contacts.
    • Upload contacts using excel/csv in addition to manual entry and contact groups
    • Easy personalize option for SMS including clear preview option.
    • Support Phonebook option where Admin can share contacts with customers for campaigning with number masking e.g. 988xxxxx44
    • Options to include SMS templates, trackable links (tiny-url) and trackable media links for images/PDF/Videos etc.
    • Send SMS as Verified By Google
    • Options to include TLV parameters (Case: DLT Laws in India)
    • Sender ID & Template management
    •  OTP channels & API management for configuring OTP and verification on a 3-rd party platform.
    • HTTP GET/POST and XML API for campaign, credit check & DLR fetch.
  • Contact Management for Clients
    • Import and manage contacts with dynamic fields
    • Contact Groups providing flexibility with custom fields
    • Ability to send personalized SMS to each contact from a group.
  • 2-Way Messaging 
    • Global and Local inbox for capturing incoming messages
    • Shortcode & longcode support with Auto-reply
    • Complete keyword management system with assignment system to share a keyword among customers
    •  API included to trigger a URL on incoming SMS and forwarding option to send incoming SMS to another contact
    • Opt-in and Opt-out list creation based on replies from the campaign.
  • Delivery Reports and Statistics
    • Campaign-wise DLR reports with summary. Sortable by date & campaign.
    • Option to download reports.
    • Option to track clicks within the reports, with device and location details and option to export.
    • Document manager for all documents in one place. Including invoices, agreements and other files shared with support staff. Option to comment and discuss on files and pay invoices using integrated payment-gateway.
    • SMS archive option to fetch and download older reports. Frequent archiving keeps the working database clean and efficient.
    • Enhanced SMS statistics with options to filter by date, user, route, sender ID etc. This page includes the most comprehensive overview of SMS activities.
    • Transaction reports containing all credit and debit performed on the account with invoices.
  • Logs for Admin & Clients
    • Advanced SMS log with a pleathora of filtering options. Hyper-fast search and filtering of records with export option.
    • Credit and Refund logs for all entries manipulating credit balance.
    • Process manager log
    • Security log with details on suspecious activities including device, IP and location details.
  • Miscellaneous options
    • Multiple language support for the front-end portal
    • Daily email alerts with activity summarized.
    • Low credit alerts can be set by Administrator.
  • Administrative Features
    • Dashboard with useful information like monthly/weekly sales and campaigns, recent orders, most active clients, Route/SMSC wise SMS summary, system health with RAM & Disk usage etc.
    • System Monitor showing all queued SMS batches, online users, scheduled campaigns with option to shift traffic from one route to another.
    • Kannel Monitor with SMSC control options
    • SMPP management with advanced Kannel parameters, Credits API option (to check credits available on provider’s end) and TLV support.
    • Route management with primary/backup SMPP, sender ID and SMS template rules etc.
    • Pre-loaded country list with options to define valid mobile number template for each destination.
    • Sender ID and Template approval system.
    • Spam protection with keywords management and option to Approve/Reject campaigns stuck in Spam Filter.
    • IP block/Unblock option for platform access.
    • SMS plans management with Volume based and Subscription based options with complete right control.
    • System-wide announcement option for important news/offers.
    • Process management from Power Grid page. Maintenance mode option.
  • Support & Ticket system
    • Ability to create teams and staff accounts with rights management.
    • Support ticket system with communication interface.
    • Perfect hierarchy for ticket system. Resellers will be support managers for their clients, Admin can create staff accounts to handle tickets for clients in the direct downline.
    • Ability to upload files with tickets.
    • Can be assigned a priority label on support tickets and option to close once issue is resolved.
  • User Management
    • Add/remove and manage client accounts and reseller accounts.
    • One account can be assigned multiple Routes. Each route can have a set delivery percentage and separate SMS credits.
    • View all activities of user account, including SMS statistics, DLR, credit history etc.
    • Add and Remove credits from user accounts with invoicing and billing option.
    • Account settings page allows extensive rights management, special privileges, keyword or VMN assignment etc.
  • Website Management
    • Options to have a 5-page white-label website with customization options
    • 6 themes with multiple color-schemes available for front-end.
    • Options to capture leads from the front-end
    • This option is available for Admin as well as all the resellers.
    • Option to select color scheme of internal portal as well.
    • Choose payment gateway of your preference and set the billing options.
  • Security Features
    • Runs on SSL with end-to-end encryption
    • Option to connect SMPP with TLS support
    • OWASP Security standards followed throughout the application
    • Strict checks on sensitive information, all sessions are encrypted.
    • IP logging on all activities
    • Strict JWT checks on internal API calls
    • Admin alerts on any suspicious activity.

Tech Specs

Technology stack and server requirements for Standard Edition

Gateway Engine
Kannel 1.4.5
Front End
Server Side
Node JS
Database Engines
Server Requirements
runs on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

For optimum performance, we recommend the following server configuration. Please make sure to get a server with CPU-optimized or Dedicated vCPUs (CPU Cores) for best results.

  • 32GB – 64GB RAM (DDR4)
  • 8 CPU Cores (at least 4 dedicated physical cores)
  • 200 GB Storage (NVMe SSD)
  • High-speed port with a good bandwidth allowance
  • Server grade Intel or AMD CPU

Over the years we have seen very good results from the following Server providers and these are the most popular server options among our clients:

Kannel based SMPP/SS7 Messaging platform with complete routing, billing and CRM. Developed with expert experienced team and feedback & support from our lovely customers.

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