A Powerful SMPP App based on Kannel

Smppcube Mini v3

Smppcube Mini is a Linux SMS application with Kannel

Smppcube Mini edition is a feature-packed SMPP application for bulk SMS marketing. It is highly beneficial for bulk SMS vendors looking for a hosted SMS platform to manage clients and have the freedom and flexibility to manage SMPP connections. Mini edition has all the features needed to jump-start your Bulk SMS business.

This is a self-hosting platform which means all your data stays with you securely. We assist in setting up the app and getting you started. Please go through the features, architecture and other details below for a better understanding.

Mini v3 Features | here are some winners

Easy Campaigns with Tracking

Smppcube provides a compact interface for your clients to send SMS. User-friendly design and intuitive DLR reports provide a wonderful experience. App provides click tracking via URL shortening feature which further improves marketing payoff.

Unlimited SMPP

Add as many SMPP connections as your business demands. It's very easy to switch and manage SMPP without disturbing routes & credit assignments. You can also manage the delivery percentage per client per route.

Reseller Benefits

Your resellers get an SEO friendly 5-page website with theme and color customization options. We have the best white-label website for branding. Resellers can also accept payments, manage billing and capture leads.

Archive Data

Enjoy fast-performance even with huge SMS data. Our archiving system keeps old records with an option of quick access when needed. Archive engine is very powerful and works in the background.

Available in 6 languages

Smppcube supports multiple languages. Translating the app is very easy with a single file source. Currently, we are rolling out support for 6 languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic.

SSL Secured

Smppcube runs on SSL. Even your reseller's websites will run on SSL. We have followed strong security guidelines like encryption, activity logging and tracking to ensure the app is protected against malicious attacks.

MINI v3 ARCHITECTURE | how it works

Smppcube Mini is a linux based SMPP client software

Technical Specifications

Built with
PHP 7.2 & MariaDB 10 on NGINX with Kannel 1.4.5
Bootstrap UI with JQuery

Server Recommendation
8GB RAM, Quad Core processor with SSD storage
OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Our Server Partner - Digitalocean
We use Digitalocean for all our server needs and recommend its servers for Smppcube.

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Product - Smppcube Mini v3
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