SMPP application with 2-WAY Messaging

Smppcube Mini Plus v2

Mini plus is 2-way messaging SMPP application

Smppcube Mini Plus includes all the features of Mini edition with added support for handling incoming SMS. Mini Plus has complete two-way messaging tools. It includes features like Shortcode / Longcode Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) configuration, a master inbox for all MO SMS and keyword management system.

Mini Plus also includes VMN for missed-call subscription via SMPP. You can add a VMN in our system which will send information to the app whenever someone places a call to the VMN.

Mini Plus v2 Features | here are some winners

Built on Mini v3

Mini Plus is built on Smppcube Mini v3 hence it includes all the powerful tools for SMS campaign, DLR management, reporting, billing & SMPP configuration options.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

Configure VMN to be used as Shortcode (e.g. 52727) or Longcode i.e. full-length mobile number with the country prefix. These can be configured with SMPP to receive SMS.

Inbox Facility

Every user gets access to an INBOX facility to check incoming SMS from their campaigns. Admin gets a master inbox to see all incoming SMS.

Keywords Management

You can assign keywords linked with VMN to your clients. When the system receives SMS with any matching keyword it will be assigned to the clients. The client can choose Opt-in/Opt-out keywords as well to manage subscribers.

Missed Call Subscriber

Another way of managing subscribers is via missed calls. You can add a VMN linked with SMPP which supports this feature. Whenever someone places a call, it disconnects and they receive a custom SMS while our system receives their mobile number and adds it to the subscriber's list.

2-Way API

Using our API parameters you can now trigger custom URLs when receiving SMS. You can forward incoming SMS to another mobile number as well. This facility is available to your clients and resellers as well.

MINI PLUS v2 | system architecture

Smppcube Mini Plus is also a linux based client software

Technical Specifications

Built with
PHP 7.2 & MariaDB 10 on NGINX with Kannel 1.4.5
Bootstrap UI with JQuery

Server Recommendation
8GB RAM, Quad Core processor with SSD storage
OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Our Server Partner - Digitalocean
We use Digitalocean for all our server needs and recommend its servers for Smppcube.

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