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Smppcube Enterprise Plus v1

Smppcube Enterprise Plus supports destination based pricing

Enterprise Plus is built on top of Smppcube Enterprise edition so it has all the features available in Enterprise along with a big add-on. If your customers send SMS to multiple countries in a single campaign, you can now provide this service. Here you can define pricing for each Operator (Network) and circle (Region). This is called MCC/MNC based billing which stands for Mobile Country Code & Mobile Network Code.

Here you have the option to assign SMS balance (e.g. $100 instead of 100 SMS) and set per SMS price for each destination. Now your clients will be charged based on mobile number destination pricing. They can reload their account balance as well once exhausted.

Enterprise Plus v1 | some winning features

Built on Enterprise v6

Enterprise Plus is our latest app which is developed by improving upon Enterprise edition v6. So it has all the features already included to help you get started with your SMS business.

MCC/MNC Based Pricing

With Enterprise Pkus you can configure SMS cost based on Mobile Country Code & Mobile Network Code. Hence each destination has a separate pricing. One customer can send campaign targetted towards multiple-countries in a single shot.

HLR Lookup

HLR lookups help your customers filter out inactive mobile numbers hence optimizing the campaign. HLR lookups reveal the home network of the mobile number, whether it is active or roaming.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)

Another way Smppcube minimizes cost for you is by sending SMS using the route with the least cost for the destination. This is done by using the MCC/MNC pricing table.

Multiple Kannel Support

Enterprise Plus allows multiple kannel Installations either on the same or different servers. This could act as a load-sharing system or even a backup system for existing SMPP routes.

SSL Secured

Smppcube runs on SSL. Even your reseller's websites will run on SSL. We have followed strong security guidelines like encryption, activity logging and tracking to ensure the app is protected against malicious attacks.

ENTERPRISE PLUS v1 | system architecture

Smppcube Enterprise Plus is linux based SMPP server and client application

Technical Specifications

Built with
PHP 7.2 & MariaDB 10 on NGINX with Kannel 1.4.5
Bootstrap UI with JQuery

Server Recommendation
8GB RAM, Quad Core processor with SSD storage
OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Our Server Partner - Digitalocean
We use Digitalocean for all our server needs and recommend its servers for Smppcube.

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Product - Smppcube Enterprise Plus v1
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