Shipping Policy

As all the products we offer are categorized as Digital Products, they are shipped immediately after the payment confirmation. The shipment and delivery timeline of products may vary as per individual agreements.


In case of a complete purchase, we immediately share the software and installation instructions via Google Drive. These have restricted access and are available for download only for the buyer and buyer’s associates or employees. We may offer a complementary installation and it will not be considered as delivery because of the various following factors affecting the installation completion:

  • Availability of the server by the buyer
  • Availability of SMPP connection details by the buyer
  • Availability of a valid domain with correct DNS entries to be done by the buyer
  • Request for additional features or developments


In case of a partial payment plan opted by the buyer (subjected to the availability of this service by CUBELABS) the software will be delivered for download after the complete payment. Software access will not be provided until the payment is complete. This also includes access to the server where the software is installed. The buyer will be allowed full ADMIN access of the platform for usage in the meantime. Access will be dictated based on individual agreements done during the purchase negotiations. After the final part of the payment is made, we will provide access to the software in the preferred manner of the buyer.

Kannel based SMPP/SS7 Messaging platform with complete routing, billing and CRM. Developed with expert experienced team and feedback & support from our lovely customers.

A product from  Cubelabs

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