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Important feature differences between both of our SMPP Application Editions

Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
SMPP & Route Management
Campaigning & Reporting
2-Way Messaging & Keyword Management
CRM with Reseller Platform
SMPP Server with Outbound API


Smart Routing (LCR, Round-robin, Percent-wise etc.)


MCCMNC based plans & Routing


Currency based accounts (multiple billing types)


HLR Lookups with CRM


Google Verified SMS
Quarterly Security & Feature Updates
Email & Skype Support

The Right Choice

We have no favorite child. Both of our editions are a suitable fit depending on your requirements

Both the Standard edition and Enterprise edition can be a perfect match to your telemarketing business. You can also start with Standard edition and later upgrade to Enterprise. The right choice depends on various factors like:

  • Size of your client base, do you have international coverage or primarily domestic clients?
  • Your experience as a bulk SMS aggregator
  • Your average daily traffic
  • Requirements of your clients, do they need SMPP connectivity? Do they need HLR Lookups?
  • Do you charge your clients by flat SMS credits or by destination? and so on.

Please feel free to consult and discuss your requirements with us. We also provide custom add-on developments in case your business requires any features specific to your market needs.

Kannel based SMPP/SS7 Messaging platform with complete routing, billing and CRM. Developed with expert experienced team and feedback & support from our lovely customers.

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